Hire Top Chefs

  • Manu Nair

    Executive Chef, Bon South

    Starting at Rs.849.00/person
  • Arpit Kelkar

    Celebrity Freelancer Chef

    Starting at Rs.799.00/person
  • Mani Raj

    Sous Chef, Sultans of spice

    Starting at Rs.899.00/person
  • Jubed Ali

    Sous Chef, Pepper & Chilly

    Starting at Rs.549.00/person
  • Chef Thiyagu

    Head Chef, BonSouth

    Starting at Rs.649.00/person
  • Manikandan V.

    Executive Chef, UpSouth

    Starting at Rs.799.00/person
Explore the exotic cuisines by our masterchefs
As many as there are states and languages, Restokitch offers a multitude of Indian Chefs to choose from.
If you are passionate with everything Italian and love Italian food then you can always find Restokitch Italian chefs cooking at your home or in the kitchen.
Now you don’t have to find Mexican Restaurant in your cities as Restokitch chefs will prepare incredible Mexican food for you at your own place.
Want to blend shrimps with mushrooms,cilantro and thai spices with your other cuisines,explore our best thai masterchefs.
Celebrity chefs talking about Restokitch
Doyle Sarangi

Doyle Sarangi

2nd Runner-up
Masterchef season'3

"This platform is first of its kind in the country, thanks to Restokitch.com Chefs will now able to work at praties and get to mingle with customers"

Jehan Sarkari

Jehan Sarkari

Top 12
Masterchef season'3

"Restokitch gives an unique and exotic experince to the customers by providing world class chef service at their door. Good for us. Perfect for customers"

Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta

Winner mallika e-kitchen
Zee tv, 2012

"with Restokitch people will get enough of hosting as everything is handled by chefs and the teams. Such an awsome concepts they have"